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Absolute Gear

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Absolute Gear Monarch Crest Trail Map
This map was created by Absolute Bikes former staff member Andrew Mesesan to demystify the Monarch Crest Trail and the options for rides including the famous trail. The Monarch Crest is a section of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail between Monarch and Marshall Passes. The Colorado Trail joins near the middle of the section and they are combined to and past Marshall Pass. The Crest Trail is often combined with the Silver Creek Trail and Rainbow Trail for a 30 mile singletrack ride in the high country. That route is known locally as the Classic Crest Route. Many riders are unaware of the other options. Options are Descending Greens, Fooses (CT) or Agate Creek Trails from the Crest. A unique feature if this map is PhotoFlow. Tags on the map can be identified and described on the back of the map. When you are at some location on the map, there is a picture of that place to confirm your assumptions.
Absolute Gear Absolute Broncos Edition logo water bottle
Absolute Bikes logo water bottle, broncos orange bottle, broncos blue cap! Go Broncos! Specialized Purist bottle.
Absolute Gear Absolute Womens Road Jersey
$75.00 $110.00 32% Savings
Attractive 3-tone blue with black and white trim. Colordo flag on one sleeve, Salida on the other. Three pockets.
Absolute Gear Absolute Firebird SiliPint
Silipints are pint glasses made from silicone. Flexible, unbreakable, capable of delivering a delicious malt beverage to your lips. And stylin' the firebird logo! Git some!
Absolute Gear 2017 Absolute Enduro MTB Jersey
Fabric design features topo map of the Salida area, Absolute Bikes lettered down the side, Salida on the sleeve. Nice mid-sleeve jersey!
Absolute Gear Throw Back Brown Jersey
$29.99 $55.00 45% Savings
The Throwback Brown Jersey features Absolute Bikes' traditional wheel logo, and an attractive combination of brown, orange, and blue. Pearl Izumi jersey with three rear pockets.
Absolute Gear Sideline Cap
Logo Cap with adjustable strap and mesh back.
Absolute Gear Cycling Cap Coolmax
Black cycling cap with Absolute logo. Great fit under helmet.
Absolute Gear Camper Hat
Camper hat with embroidered patch on front. Adjustable.
Pearl Izumi Absolute Ride Like a Girl Jersey
$20.00 $45.00 56% Savings
Pearl Izumi jersey with soft colors and Absolute Bikes logo.
Absolute Gear Sunrise Logo Jersey
$29.99 $65.00 54% Savings
Sunrise jersey features artists rendering of Absolute Bikes location on the Arkansas River. Louis Garneau jersey, rear pockets.
Absolute Gear Bikes and Beers Jersey
$50.00 $85.00 41% Savings
This jersey commemorates Absolute Bikes' relationship with Elevation Brewing in Poncha Springs just 5 miles down the road. Great beer and an awesome blue with red and white trim jersey. No pockets.
Absolute Gear Absolute Short Sleeve MTB Jersey
$50.00 $85.00 41% Savings
Three tone blue with black and yellow trim. Colorado flag on one sleeve, Salida on the other. No pockets.
Absolute Gear Absolute Bikes Logo Water Bottle
Basic high quality water bottle made by Specialized, two color schemes.
Absolute Gear Absolute Bikes Chainring Logo Purist 26 oz water bottle
Beautiful Absolute Bikes water bottle with turquoise chainwheel logo. Based on the 26 oz Specialized Purist bottle.
Absolute Gear Salida Area Trails and Events Map
This map highlights the great riding in and around Salida, Colorado. Excellent detailed coverage of Salida's two town-accessible trail systems, the Arkansas Hills System adjacent to downtown and the Methodist Mountain System south of town. Excellent big picture coverage as well. The scale of the large side of the map is based on being able to include the entire Vapor Trail 125 course. Which meant the map includes the whole Monarch Crest Trail and Classic Crest Ride concluding with the Silver Creek and Rainbow trails. Also Canyon Creek, the Alpine Tunnel, the local Bear Creek to Methodist section of the Rainbow, and the Colorado Trail from where it joins the Crest to Mt Princeton. Designed in house with help from a talented cartographer, printed on durable waterproof stock (similar to Latitude 40 or Trails Illustrated).
Pearl Izumi Absolute Fair Lady Womens Jersey
$20.00 $45.00 56% Savings
Beautiful Pearl Izumi women's jersey, pretty shades of blue with peach accents.
Absolute Gear Absolute Pull Over Hoodie
Sweet Cotton Pullover Hoodie. Lettering down right sleeve.
Pearl Izumi Absolue Womens Bikes 'n Beers Jersey
$50.00 $85.00 41% Savings
Pearl Izumi jersey decorated with the logo of one of Chaffee County's great breweries, Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs. Mountain-style, no pockets.
Absolute Gear Women's Absolute Bikes fleece jacket
Nice mid-weight fleece, long sleeve full zipper. Absolute Bikes logo embroidered on the chest.
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