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Local Trail Conditions

May 20th- A beautiful weekend has us jazzed for the summer ahead!  The forecast is looking primo and the trails are still holding onto a bit of the moisture from last weeks storm cycle. Get out there!!!

NOTE: trail conditions listed below are based on first hand knowledge, hearsay, rumor or plain old guessing. We are not responsible for your actual experience out there. Weather and trail conditions can change quickly, trees fall down, etc.

RED – The trail is not rideable or riding it may be damaging.
ORANGE – Not recommended to ride the trail; or ride it in the morning when frozen if mud is an issue.
GREEN – Get out there and ride it.

EBIKES: KNOW BEFORE YOU COME: In the Salida area E-Mountain Bikes are only allowed on designated motorized trails, as most of our trails are on land managed by either BLM or FS. There is no single track on S-mtn and lower Methodist open to E-mtbs, currently. Roads, yes. Single track, no. You might disagree with the current policy or think that since other areas allow them it's ok here too (nope), but PLEASE adhere to the current rules set by the land managers (BLM and FS). As far as single track is concerned only the Rainbow trail (the real deal, not Little or Double Rainbow), Greens Creek, Agate Creek, and the Monarch Crest from Monarch Pass to Marshall Pass are 'motorized' single track open to moto's and thus e-bikes, near Salida.

Trail Etiquette:

  • Do not ride when trails are muddy - turn around and pick a different activity for the day
  • Hikers/Walkers/Horses have the right of way
  • When on bikes UPHILL riders have the right of way
  • DO NOT ride off trail to pass other users. Just stop, lean to the side and let the other user pass.
  • Dogs need to be on leash or voice controlled. Please move your dogs off the trail when encountering other users. 
  • Clean up after your dog. Do not leave poop bags on the trail please. There is no poop bag fairy.
  • Please don't ride e-mountain bikes on non-motorized trails. See above notes.

Say hi, be nice, we're all out here having fun

Please NOTE & RESPECT the Seasonal Wildlife Closures:

December 1-April 15 – Gutz, Sol Train, Sun Up, Pot-O-Gold. Rainbow Trail, Greens Creek.
December 15 – March 15 – Beasway (upper Cottonwood, to do the whole Cottonwood ride).

Arkansas Hills / S-Mtn Trail System:

  • Frontside –dry
  • Lil’ Rattler - dry
  • Pepper trails - dry
  • Burnpile - dry
  • Rusty Lung - dry
  • Backbone - dry
  • Tenderfoot - dry
  • Sweet Dreams- dry
  • Dream On -  dry
  • Rise and Shine -dry
  • Chicken Dinner - dry
  • Sand Dunes - dry
  • Prospector - dry
  • North Backbone - dry
  • Pauli - dry
  • The Dude Abides & El Duderino - dry
  • Unkle Nazty -dry
  • Hooligan - dry
  • Cottonwood Gulch Trail (lower Cottonwood out & back from Backbone/Sweet Dreams) - dry
  • Beasway/Rumba (start of Cottonwood loop) – dry
  • Aspen Ridge – uknown, variable?

Methodist Mountain Trail System:

  • Little Rainbow Trail - Dry
  • Racetrack - Dry
  • Dead Bird- Dry
  • Spartan West/Spartan East- Dry
  • Solstice Trail- Dry
  • Sun Up - Dry
  • Sol Trains - Dry
  • Double Rainbow Trail –Dry
  • Pot-O-Gold- Dry
  • Gutz - Dry

Rainbow Trail:  

  • Bear Creek to CR 108 – Dry
  • Columbine Trail – Dry
  • CR 108 to Pot-O-Gold/Sand Gulch rd – Dry
  • Silver Creek Road/Rainbow Trail Loop – Dry

Monarch Crest and Children of the Crest (Watch for down trees)

  • Monarch Crest Trail – Snow
  • Marshall Pass – Poncha Creek Road loop – Snow
  • Agate Creek Trail –Snow
  • Starvation Creek – Snow
  • Marshall Pass – Silver Creek Trail Loop –Snow
  • Greens Creek - Snow
  • Fooses Creek – Snow
  • Silver Creek - Snow

Colorado Trail:

  • Raspberry Gulch Out-and-Back – uknown, variable?
  • Mt Princeton to Cottonwood (BV) – unknown, variable?
  • South Fooses Creek –uknown, variable?
  • Blanks Cabin to Chalk – uknown, variable?
  • Blanks to US 50 – uknown, variable?

Distant cousin of the Crest:

  • Canyon Creek – Snow 

Buena Vista Area:

  • Bridge to Bridge/Barbara Whipple/Camp Elevation/Broken Boyfriend - dry
  • Midland Trail, Fistful of Dollars/Few Dollars More/Django/Sausage Links/Bacon Bits. – dry
  • Unchained – dry
  • Vitamin B – unknown, probably dry
  • Continental Divide Trail, Alpine Tunnel to Tincup Pass Road – Snow & mud
  • St Elmo – Tin Cup Pass  Snow

Please NOTE & RESPECT the Seasonal Wildlife Closures:

December 1-April 15 – Gutz, Sol Train, Sun Up, Pot-O-Gold. BV - Unchained
December 15 – March 15 – Beasway (upper Cottonwood, to do the whole Cottonwood ride).