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Bike Demos

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The Absolute Bikes Demo Program:

Lets face it, there is nothing more telling than getting to put fresh tires to dirt and getting a real feel for the personality of the bike you’re about to buy.  Here at Absolute Bikes, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right new bike. We have an amazing selection of the latest mountain bikes for demo!

We’ll be ready to set you up on bikes to demo-ride for a real-world experience. Ride the amazing singletrack that we have here in Salida, right outside our back door!

Program Details:

  • $100/demo-ride, 90-minute riding window *(FOR A LIMITED TIME- DEMO UP TO 3 BIKES FOR $100!!!)*

  •  Full setup for your demo-ride including suspension setup, adjustments of contact points and proper tire pressure

  •  Apply up to 2 demo fees to the purchase of your new bike!  (expires 15 days from initial demo)

  • *Bikes must be ridden and returned during your elected time-slot*

  • *Bikes may NOT be loaded onto a vehicle for transport*

  • *Any damages to bikes during test-ride period are the responsibility of the rider and will be charged for accordingly*


  • Q: Can I demo more than 1 bike?

  • A: Absolutely. You can demo as many bikes as you'd like. Each demo-ride is $100 and you can use up to 2 of those fees towards the purchase of your new bike.

  • Q: Can I take the bike out for the entire day?

  • A: No. There will be a designated 90-minute window for demoing your selected bike. Demo times are during normal business hours and are selected from the drop-down menu when you navigate through our demo page and choose the bike you want to ride.

  • Q: What if you don't have the exact bike I want to demo?

  • A: Lets chat! We've got lots of great options, and we're confident that we could find something that would be comparable, and would still allow you to get the feel for what you're looking for.

  • Q: You have the bike I ultimately want to purchase, but not in the color or spec I was looking for. Is there anything that can be done?

  • A: Parts kits are easy. We have lots of build kits, wheels, and suspension options in stock. Color...that one can be a little more difficult, but we can dig into options if they exist!

Please give us a call or email us for any additional information:  719.539.9295 -


Unfortunately, we no longer offer rental options.