Nikki Mahoney

Nikki made her way out west in 2014 from the peach state of Georgia. She most recently lived in Denver and joined the Absolute crew to have some time in the mountains.

Q. Where did you learn your love of bikes?

A. Digging berms and rollers in my backyard trails with my brothers growing up. I lived on my bike or dirtbike all day every day. My parents were less thrilled about the digging than we were.

Q. How many bikes do you have?
A. Two and a half. I have a Rocky Instinct BC with split personalities for Enduro racing and trail riding and a Rocky Solo 70 for big miles.

Q. What is your favorite local trail?
A. Easily Monarch Crest. I can't get enough of above treeline riding.

Q. What is your favorite trail outside of Salida?
A. Whole Enchilada in Moab!

Q. What is your favorite post-ride food?
Tacos. Always Tacos. And then probably a burger. And then more tacos.