Glenn Bell

Glenn Bio

Glenn hails originally from Georgia, but has spent the past 20 years in Colorado both bouncing between the high country and the Front Range. In his free time, he likes to develop websites (overachiever!).

Q. Where did you learn your love of bikes?

A. I grew up with a big yard and made some sweet jumps that I rode my BMX bike and my 3-Wheeler on.

Q. How many bikes do you have?
A. 1 bike. I downsized. Loved all the old bikes that I had. A 2002-Rocky Mountain Slayer was my favorite mountain bike back in the day.

Q. What is your favorite local trail?
A. My favorite local trail is Monarch to whatever way down. But, Monarch proper is the best.

Q. What is your favorite trail outside of Salida?
A. Not too far, but most trails in Crested Butte. Especially, Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadman's

Q. What is your favorite post-ride food?
My favorite post ride food after a long ride is a good beer and a hamburger with fries.