Bike Renting/Demo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to rent a bike?

   A: Right here, on this website! But please call us if you have some questions on what bike you should rent. 

Q: Do you take cash or check for a rental?

   A: No, we require a credit card for renting bikes as well as identification from each renter. 

Q: When is my rental bike due back?

A: Rentals are due back at 5 PM

Q: What if I can't return my bike on time?

A: In order to get the bikes cleaned, tuned and ready for the next rental we need them back  by 5 PM. If the rental bike is not returned by 5 PM a late charge of $25.00 will be applied. If the bike is not returned until the following morning (please don't do this) a second day rental will be charged. We are nice people but  late returns cause all sorts of problems for our staff and customers. Please return the bikes on time.

Q: Can I pick up my bike the evening before?

 A: No, we do offer a 7 AM early pick up for $25.00 Please give us a call (no e mail, no voicemail) if you want to book the 7 AM early pick up and we will arrange it for you. * Please note....we are not open at 7 am. If you do not call to arrange an early pick up nobody we will be here to give you your bike.

Q. I really need my rental bike the evening before, what can I do?

A: We do not offer evening pick up on rentals. If our 7 am early option doesn't work for you you will need to rent the bike a second day to secure an evening or afternoon pick up.

Q: Why don't you offer an evening pick up?

A: We can not guarantee what time rental bikes will be back or what condition they will come back in. We often don't have enough time between a late drop off  (things happen) and an early pick up to get the bikes ready to go out again. 

Q: Is a helmet included?

   A: Helmets are included, as well as a basic tool kit - pump, patch kit, multi-tool, spare tube

Q: Are rentals by the hour or by the day?

   A: By the Day. Rental prices are for when the bike is picked up until 5:00 pm that day.

Q: Where do I ride?

  A: We have a plethora of maps and advice in the shop. Apps like MTB Project and Trailforks have all the local trails on them. 

Q: I really enjoyed my ride, can I keep the bike the extra day?

  A: If the bike is not already rented for the next day, of course! Just call or stop in and we will check for you and take care of payment. In the Summer months it is very likely that someone else has the bike rented the next day.

Q: What is your cancelation policy?

  A: Please give us 48 hours notice. If you fail to do so, we will bill your card for the first day of the reservation for each bike that we could have rented otherwise.

Q: Do you have a way I can put the bike on my car?

  A: We offer Thule T2 hitch rack (2" hitch, 2 or 4 bikes) and tailgate pads for rent. Be very careful transporting bikes as you are responsible for damages.

Q: Do you offer bike insurance?

  A: No. You are responsible for any damage to the bike including chips, dings, cut tires, bent derailleur or hanger, cut tires, etc. We will go over the damage policy with each rider. Please ride carefully and take care of the bikes. We are reasonable to work with. 

Q: What if the bike I rented from you is stolen?

A: We sure hope this never happens, but if it does you are responsible for the replacement cost of that bicycle. Please never leave rental bikes unattended. Always use a lock around town - ask us if you need to borrow one with your rental! If you want to eat in town just bring the bikes here while you are eating and we will take care of them until you need them again.