Eric Morton

Eric Morton

Eric Morton hails from Charleston, South Carolina. After riding his bike around the country for over 2 1/2 years; he fell in love with Colorado, and finally found home in Salida.

Q. Where did you learn your love of bikes?
A. Accidentally, after a drunk driver totaled my truck. I got a bike to get around after being screwed by the drunk’s insurance company and lawyers. But I ain’t mad...long story short; found a hobby and a passion that’s been the better part of my life for over 12 years.

Q. How many bikes do you have?
A. Three and a half. CX Bike-Colnago WorldCup2.0, Hardtail Mtb-Kona Honzo ST, Gravel Allroad Bike-Why Cycles R+ (currently just the frame set), Town/Bar Bike-2012 Specialized Frankenbike

Q. What is your favorite local trail?
A. The “Aspen Ridge” section of the GDMBR

Q. What is your favorite trail outside of Salida?
A. Chicken Corners (gravel) and Gemini Bridges (mtb)

Q. What is your favorite post-ride food?
A. Burritos or Tacos!! (Preferably served with a cold beer)