Find Your Dream Bike

If you really want to know how that bike you’ve been researching rides, the best way to find out is to ride it. You can read reviews and get a friend’s opinion, but if you’re going to pull the trigger on a big purchase you really want to be sure it’s the right bike. Of course, not every shop has a demo of your dream bike available. Which leaves you hoping that the parking lot test ride is enough.

We here at Absolute Bikes want you to be able to ride that bike. And then maybe ride another couple alternatives so that you can compare. There are world-class trails out the back door of the shop. You can ride a bike on a real trail, then come back in and ride another one on the same route. Or you can take the bike you want to know more about and spend the day with it on the Monarch Crest or another big ride.

Our demo fleet is comprised of high end carbon bikes from Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Rocky Mountain and Kona. Fall/Winter/Spring will give you the best selection of bikes.

We would love to sell you the dream bike after you’ve made your decision. We give you incentive to buy from us by taking the $200 demo charge off the top of the bike’s price.

We have three ways to take advantage of our demo program.

1. Demo an individual bike for an entire day. Our daily rental cost ranges from $75 to $95 a day. You can get up to two demo days price taken off your purchase. Do a Monarch Crest day, take the bike to Crested Butte, whatever you want. If you know what bike you want to ride, we encourage you to reserve it online to make sure it is available the day you want to ride!

2. For $200 you may ride as many bikes as you can ride for any three days. This offer is restricted to shorter rides (2-ish hour) from the shop. The idea is that you put a number of bikes head-to-head. You ride our local trail system. If you want to take the bike on a big day, option 1 is for you. But if you’d like to rip some hour laps on several bikes, you can’t beat this deal. Take your $200 fee off the top of the price of a new bike you buy from us. Consider it to be a multi-brand demo day for a reasonable price with excellent trails. * Fall/ Winter/ Spring will give you the best selection of bikes for this program as we sell off our demo fleet late Summer*

*Demo bikes are sold at the end of the season, but the $200 does not apply if a demo-priced bike is purchased due to the already large discount.

3. Personalized Shopper Experience for $500! One-on-one consulting with a staff member includes: uninterrupted discussion (with drinks!) and analysis about potential bikes to be ridden; trail rides in order to observe suspension action, rider fit, tire pressure and necessary trail side adjustments; Shok Wiz suspension calibration to analyze the suspension on each bike after riding. This program costs $500, and appointments are strongly recommended! And of course, the $500 is taken off the purchase price off your new bike.