Brent Van Eps

Brent Van Eps

Brent Van Eps relocated to Salida from California's San Fernando Valley in 2016 and has 30+ years in the bike industry. Just try to stump him with a bike-related trivia question.

Q. Where did you learn your love of bikes?
A. 1978, in the Foothills of Southern California.

Q. How many bikes do you have?
A. Two. A stretchpants black 2014 Surly Karate Monkey 29er, and an old Ross Hi Tech in chrome! I also love sampling all of the awesome demo bikes we offer.<

Q. What is your favorite local trail?
A. I like to climb Poncha Creek (CR203) then descend Starvation Creek trail. Super local I like this loop. Up chicken Dinner, up Sweet Dreams, Up Cottonwood to Prospector, down Prospector, down lower sand Dunes.

Q. What is your favorite trail outside of Salida?
A. Oooh, tough. It's a toss up between Phil's World in Cortez, CO and Pauley Creek and the surrounding trails in Downieville, CA

Q. What is your favorite post-ride food?
A. Anything my wife makes, she is an amazing cook and is always experimenting. If I'm not eating at home though, I enjoy a huge burrito.