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Winter Service Special

January - February 2022

Bring your bike in for service so your bike is ready to roll for spring!  

*Discounts are on Labor. 

*No same day service for service specials - we'll do our best, but give us a few days! Appointments are welcome!

*Pending parts availability. We try to stock most parts, and get those that we don't have quickly, but some stuff is hard to get currently (because, covid).


Rallying too hard all season, going through pads faster than those beers in your 6 pack? Talk to Marcel about 4 piston calipers and BIGGER, THICKER rotors to scrub that speed going into corners!

Let us check your rotor/pad wear and see if you need a bleed.

Brake bleeds 25% off per

Brake flush 25% off per

Pad install FREE with bleed or 25% off stand alone

Rotor install 25% off per

Upgrading to new a new set of brakes 25% off install

** Parts Regular Price**


Do you like to boof off every rock in the trail, scream down the trails at Trestle or just do a few laps on S Mountain? Those squishy things that make those trails so much smoother need a little love every season. Bring those into us for an annual service and we will keep them feeling buttery smooth!

50 hour fork service 25% off 

Shock air can service 25% off

** Parts Regular Price**


Are you tired of riding with your buddies who have a new bike every year with the widest range in gears and can climb Pot-O-Gold without getting out of breath? Let's see if we can help by giving you some more climbing gears with a 1X upgrade or even some SRAM AXS electric shifting. You’ll be surprised at how we can turn that older 2X/3X system into a mountain goat!

1X upgrade installation 

30% off shifter, derailleur, chain, cassette and chainring install.

If you love that 2x and3x drivetrain then let's refresh it with a new chain, cassette and chainrings. 

25% off install on any of these items

** Parts Regular Price**

Cable/Housing Install

Are those shifter or dropper levers getting a little rusty or hard to push? Let's see if we can refresh them with a new cable and housing so they are smooooth and shifting like a dream again.

Cable and housing install 20% off per install

** Parts Regular Price**

New Tires

Does your mountain bike tire look like a street tire and you’re wondering why you can’t hold that line? Come in and chat with us about the type of riding and trails you ride and we can pick out a great tire combo to stick to the trail like a gecko sticks to a tree.

Buy 2 new tires and get them installed for 50% off labor