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RED – The trail is not ridable or riding it may be damaging.
ORANGE – Not recommended to ride the trail; or ride it in the morning if mud is an issue.
GREEN – Get out there and ride it.

April 23, 2017

A touch of moisture Friday night/Saturday morning has made our typical hero dirt into hero+ dirt. That's right, plus. So good, right here, right now. Git some.

Methodist Mountain

  • Little Rainbow Trail Dry
  • Lost, Deadbird, and Racetrack Trails – Dry
  • Double Rainbow Trail – Dry

Arkansas Hills (aka S-Mountain or Tenderfoot Hill)

  • Frontside – Dry
  • Lil Rattler – Dry
  • Burnpile – Dry
  • Backbone – Dry
  • Sand Dunes – Dry
  • North Backbone – Dry
  • Prospector – Dry
  • Pauli  – Dry
  • Unkle Nazty – Dry
  • Cottonwood Trail – Dry
  • Lookout Loop – Dry
  • Ute Trail to Turret – Dry
  • Aspen Ridge – Dry

Rainbow Trail

  • Silver Creek Road/Rainbow Trail Loop – Snow
  • Bear Creek Rainbow Trail – Still snow and down trees are gone
  • Columbine Trail – Dry has 2 trees down 

Monarch Crest and Children of the Crest

  • Monarch Crest Trail – Snow 
  • Marshall Pass-Poncha Creek Loop – Snow 
  • Agate Creek Trail – Snow 
  • Starvation Creek – Snow 
  • Marshall Pass-Silver Creek Trail Loop – Snow 
  • Greens Creek Snow

Colorado Trail

  • Colorado Trail – Raspberry Gulch Out-and-Back – Mostly dry
  • Colorado Trail – Mt Princeton to Cottonwood – Snow and down trees
  • Colorado Trail – South Fooses Creek – Snow
  • Colorado Trail – Blanks to Chalk – Snow and down trees
  • Colorado Trail – Blanks to US50 – Snow and down trees

Buena Vista Local

  • The Midland Trail – Snow
  • Continental Divide Trail, Alpine Tunnel to Tincup Pass Road – Snow
  • St Elmo – Alpine Tunnel – Snow
  • St Elmo – Tin Cup Pass – Snow

(This time of year the road to St Elmo from Mt Princeton is passable [plowed]. Rideable, but expect likely ice, packed snow, and mud)


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