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If you really want to know how that bike you've been researching rides, the best way to find out is to ride it. You can read reviews and get a friend's opinion, but if you're going to pull the trigger on a big purchase you really want to be sure it's the right bike. Of course, not every shop has a demo of your dream bike available. Which leaves you hoping that the parking lot test ride is enough.

We here at Absolute Bikes in Salida want you to be able to ride the bike. And then maybe ride another couple alternatives so that you can form your own opinion. There are world-class trails 5 minutes from the back door. You can ride a bike on a real trail, then come back in and ride another one on the same route. Apples to apples. Or you can take the bike you want to know more about and spend the day with it on the Monarch Crest.

We would love to sell you the dream bike after you've made your decision. We give you incentive to buy from us buy taking demo charges off the top of the bike's price (up to a certain amount). So we charge for riding demo bikes. If what you want is a chance to learn about the bikes, then you want to go buy it from your own shop, we are happy to help. We'll charge you reasonable fee and wish you good luck with your purchase.

But if you wind up buying from us, the demo fees disappear.

We have two ways to take advantage of this policy. 

1. Demo individual bikes for whole days. Our demo bikes daily rental range in cost from $55 to $100 a day. You can get up to three (3) demo days price taken off your purchase. Do a Monarch Crest day, take the bike to CB, whatever you want. 

2. For $200 we will let you ride as many bikes as you can ride over three days. This offer is restricted to shorter rides from the shop. The idea is that you put a number of bikes head-to-head. You ride our local trail systems. If you want to take the bike on a big day, option 1 is for you. But if you'd like to rip some hour laps on several bikes, you can't beat this deal. Take your $200 fee off the top of the price of a bike you buy from us, or take your new knowledge back to your local shop. Consider it to be a multi-brand demo day for a reasonable price with excellent trails. 


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